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February 6th
ROAD TRIP!  Join us at Fairfield Medical Center for an interactive conversation with a panel of health professionals.  FMC always makes us feel welcome with great food and a great program.  Don’t miss it!
February 13th
It’s time to Shower the People you Love with Love at our annual Shower the People event.  The Gearheads will perform, a special meal will be served, and you have an opportunity to make a donation to your favorite charity.   Grab your significant other and your checkbook, and join us for great food, fellowship, and music!
February 20th
In 1947, Forbes Magazine declared Lancaster, Ohio the epitome of the all-American town.  Today, claims one author, it is damaged, discouraged, and fighting for its future.  In his new book, Glass House, author Brian Alexander, who was born and raised in Lancaster, claims that Lancaster is an avatar for many American towns and works to prove how seeds sewn 35 years ago have sprouted to give us Trumpism, inequality, and an eroding national cohesion.   Brian will join us to provide thoughts and insights from his recent book.
February 27th
Celebrate with us as the next Rotarian of the Year is named.  This is one of the highest honors that our club gives each year.  Be sure to join us as we find out who the recipient of this prestigious award is for 2017.   Could it be you?