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January 2nd
Happy New Year! Enjoy time to celebrate with your family and friends
January 9th
We will spend time talking about the future of the Lancaster Rotary Club.   Board members will serve as facilitators at your table to discuss where we are as a club, and where you think we should head.  This is your opportunity to have input on the future direction of our club, including what we should do to celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2018.  The importance of this meeting cannot be overstated.  We cannot succeed without you, and we want to hear your thoughts on what’s next for the Lancaster Rotary Club.   Please plan to attend and participate! 
January 16th
We continue to hear over and over in the news about the challenge we face as a community regarding drug use.  As we have heard, its pull and hold does not discriminate; race, gender, socio-economic status…it does not matter.  We have men and women who risk their lives every day in an effort to address this issue, and more than ever, agencies are working together to make an impact.  Commander Dennis Lowe with the Major Crimes Unit will join us to talk about a new collaborative initiative in Fairfield County.
January 23rd
We continue our focus on major industries in Lancaster and Fairfield County.  We have heard from agriculture, manufacturing, restaurants, and tourism.  Now, we turn our attention to healthcare.  Jack Janoso, CEO of Fairfield Medical Center, will join us and provide an update on what’s happening at the largest employer in Fairfield County.
January 30th
It is time to get to know our exchange students better.  Up first, from Croatia, is Fran Drazin.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Fran and to learn more about him and his home country!