This is the last time I will share a letter with you as your President.
This is the last time I will share a letter with you as your President. I feel I have been blessed and honored to be chosen to be your President this year.  This year has been a wonderful experience for me and I will cherish the adventure!
I cannot express enough thanks for all the help I have received this year. Many people have stepped up to do various deeds to help make my presidency easier.  Thank You! We have members who year after year put their time and energy into this club to make it such a great place to come have lunch and visit.
We are coming to the time in the year when everyone will receive their bill for dues owed. Lancaster Rotary keeps a small part of your dues however more than half of the dues paid goes to Rotary International and the District. Why do I share this information with you? As a club we need to be aware before the beginning of July if you are planning on leaving the club. The club submits its membership to RI and the District and then the club is required to pay a certain amount per member.  The board has felt we need to explain this to the membership so the club does not have undo expense. On that note, I hope no one is leaving our great club.
As we all know our club makes a positive impact in our community and our world and the world is a better place because of the Lancaster Rotary Club.
Be a gift to the world


Melissa Walker

2015-16 Club President