Our club has been blessed with a healthy bank account for a quite a while. The last couple of years we have spent more than our normal budget on a great project (the Lancaster city signs), as well as trying to catch up with donations to our club’s college scholarship. We are still doing well, but it never hurts to improve our bottom line. It simply would let us increase our charitable giving. That is why one of our club goals this year is to plan a new project and fundraising for it.
We have determined that, at least the first year, the project will be the 100th Anniversary project for our club. A project of this magnitude will require more than one fund raising activity. We know our members have great ideas out there and we can’t wait to hear them as soon as possible. We are already starting the fifth month of the Rotary year. Again, I would like to assure you that just because you bring us a wonderful idea, it does not mean you will be made the committee chair for it. Send your idea to me at kathryn@promotionsbydesign.biz or 740-438-0581. I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s get this thing started.
Salvation Army Bell Ringers
In the meantime, we need help with one of our annual service projects. New member, Mike Miller is looking for bell ringers for the date we cover for the Salvation Army: Saturday, Dec. 3. Morning hours are covered but we need help in the afternoon and evening. Please contact Mike if you can help us. His email is mike.miller@use.salvationarmy.org.
Rotary Serving Humanity,
Kathryn Cheek