Club Goal #2 – Project Fundraiser
In the Rotary world, September is Economic Community and Development Month. This makes it a good time to address our club goal of creating a fundraiser for our club. The first year or two, of this event or project could help fund our 100th anniversary next year. After that, should we choose to continue it, the project would give us more money to donate where we choose. 
The Rotary theme this year is: Rotary Serving Humanity. Our club does a great job with our current projects: scholarships, dictionaries, Forest Rose books, and the many smaller donations we make each year. But, unfortunately, there will never be a lack of need out there we could help whether it is here in Lancaster or across the world.
We need to get started forming this project. As of yet, no one has presented any ideas. Come on folks! We have members with great ideas. I guarantee, just because you present the idea won’t mean you will be in charge unless you want to. Please, please, please, let’s get this started. If I don’t hear from you, some of you will hear from me . Let’s get this ball rolling. Have a great October!
Rotary Serving Humanity,
Kathryn Cheek